S a u - i i'

Sau-ii' is condor in one of the San Diego tribal languages, Tipai, Kumeyaay.
Musically, Sau-ii' presently consists of three California Tribal Men with extensive, rigorous instruction in both traditional ethnomusicology and western musical instruments.
They are professional musicians.

Alan Lechusza: Luiseno/Maidu, M.F.A. U.C. Irvine
(Composition/Woodwind Performance), Ph.D. cand. U.C. San Diego.

Roy Robinson, Cosoy Band of Kumeyaay: Roy is one of the songwriters for Sau-ii'. He studied Afro-Cuban styles with West Africa Master Drummers and his use of Bells, Shakers, and Ocean Gourds brings percussive sparkle.

Victor Peralta (Deceased), Chumash, since the 1950's focused on woodwind instruments. He has performed with Tim Flannery,
Matt Manning, and Cynthia Fawneagle.

Each has performed and recorded CDs, with various groups throughout the California Southland. Alan Lechusza, for example: Quartetto Nuevo, Christopher Adler Trio, Radius, AMH Trio, The Michael Vlatkovich Ensembles, The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble,
Forward Funk, Jagratti, The World Reform Orchestra, Trio Consensus.

Sau-ii', Native American sounds are
the beautiful voices of our Mother,
the living Earth.